A quick Sabani fur tutorial

We offer a broad selection of fur coats, hats, vests, wraps, and, of course, fur-trimmed leather products. Fur is making a big comeback as people reacquaint themselves with the wonderful textures, colors, and qualities of fur.

Here, a quick visual and written fur tutorial for a few of our product types:

Mink is one of the most enduring fur products. Male mink provides more weight and female mink is softer. Mink is the warmest of the furs, providing sufficient protection from temperatures as low as -40° F (and Celcius!). 

Fox provides beautiful variations in color and is popular for hats and trimming collars of jackets and coats. Silver Fox is more luxurious and expensive.

Rex rabbit (Lapin) is smooth and velvety. A sumptuous fur for an elegant look and feel.

Chinchilla is the most expensive of the furs, and has a soft, silky texture. And we think it’s gorgeous!



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