A quick Sabani leather tutorial

Honestly, in the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of leather is used to make your jacket, purse, belt, or bag, as long as you love it. We advise our customers to choose leather products based on what appeals to their eyes, their bodies.

But we’re curious, aren’t we? And we like to know a little about the pieces we’re investing in. So read on to learn more about some of our delicious, delightful, decadent leathers.

Lambskin is wonderfully soft, and baby lambskin is even softer.

Antelope suede—unlike regular suede, antelope suede is rain resistant and looks great in our reversible coats.

Calfskin is a heavy leather and typically used to make bags.

Sheerling is warm, and a natural sheepskin/wool combination

Buffalo (more precisely, Bison) is a sturdy leather with a matte finish and provides a classy look.

Deerskin is light and soft, and Goldenskin is even more so. Goldenskin, very comfortable, is simply deerskin that has been more extensively treated and is so lightweight and soft it almost feels synthetic. But it’s definitely not.

Ostrich is one of the most expensive leathers, intriguing to the eye and very soft.

Python catches the light beautifully. It’s soft, can be produced in many colors, and comes in two general finishes: net and tiger-striped. It’s a very interesting material for belts, bags, and jackets.

Sabani Leather Firenze. Your home for leather in Florence, Italy.


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