Insider tips for leather shopping

Travel writer and frequent Europe traveler Caron Guillo featured us in her latest article!

SabaniLeatherFirenzePhotoInsider tips for leather shopping in Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy practically smells of leather.

Leather is everywhere you look: in shop windows, market stalls, wrapped around the torsos of well-dressed Italians in the form of beautiful jackets. If it can be made of leather, you’ll find beautiful products here for every taste. Shoes, belts, coats, wallets, purses, briefcases, and luggage.

Long before the Renaissance rocked Florence and the world, guild craftsmen were producing leather goods in this already centuries-old city. Today Florence is still famous for its leather.

But not all leather is created equal. To the uninitiated, shopping for leather can be an intimidating experience. Is the seller reputable? Is the product of good quality? Is the price fair?

Marco, manager at Sabani Leather Firenze, a shop nestled beside San Lorenzo Church in Florence, Italy, offers valuable tips for those who want to invest in quality leather items.

Marco, how can shoppers be sure the leather products they’re considering to buy are of good quality?

Trust your eyes and your sense of touch. They will tell you whether . . . Read more here


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