5 simple leather care tips

One of the most common questions we receive at Sabani Leather Firenze is how to care for that beautiful new coat or purse. Leather care is simple, really, because leather handles life and the elements quite well.

What do we recommend?

1. Condition the leather at least once a year, or whenever it needs a little love, with a simple, thick hand cream. Rub the cream into the leather with a soft cloth and watch it shine.

2. If your leather item gets dirty, use the same trick: rub the spot with hand cream until clean.

3. Use a suede eraser to remove stains from your suede products. We provide them complimentary to our customers, but they can be purchased at many stores or online.

4. Don’t cover your leather jacket or other leather item with plastic film when storing. Leather needs to breathe.

5. When packing your leather jacket or coat for travel, fold it inside out so that nothing rubs against the finished side to mar the surface.

These simple tips will address most common leather care needs. Feel free to submit your leather-related questions to Sabani Leather Firenze via our contact page — we may feature your question and our response in an upcoming post!

Sabani Leather Firenze. Your home for leather in Florence, Italy.


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